About Us

Thank you for visiting our website.
My name is Sarah and along with my husband Dave and our three daughters, we are a small family run business based in Northamptonshire selling Soy Wax Candles and Natural Soap Products.
I started making candles and soaps as a hobby whilst I was at home looking after my young children, using techniques I have learnt from studying the two crafts when I was younger and through trial and error.
I decided to produce our own soaps as a more natural alternative to using shower gels. Being a family of five the amount of plastic shower gel bottles we go through creates so much wasted plastic so we decided to produce our own soap as a more eco friendly alternative and the results were amazing. We then found ourselves making soaps for friends and family and it took off very quickly. We now make a range of different fragrances and are trying out new ones all the time.
All our soaps are made from natural products. Some of the soaps are light in fragrance and other more scented. All our fragrances come from natural, pure essential oils or natural sources like orange zest straight from fresh oranges or dried lavender petals. All our soaps are also packaged in recycled paper and are all Vegan friendly.
Some of the soaps do contain sweet almond oil so please do read the ingredients if you have any allergies.
Since we started using our own candles in our home we instantly started getting really positive comments from visitors complementing how nice and welcoming our house smells all year round, so then we decided to make them some special Candle and Soap hampers all handcrafted and produced in our family home as Christmas gifts.These took off so much we were asked to produce some more for friends and friends of friends.
Our candles are made from natural soya wax which makes a better candle. Soya is natural, they look really nice and they hold the fragrance much better meaning the candle will smell the same from start to finish.
From there came along more and more requests for different products and before we knew it we had a nice little range going which we decided to promote online, we built the new website and together we designed all the branding. It's incredible to think how far we have come, we feel very grateful to be taking orders from new and repeat customers each day throughout the UK - Thank You.
Its been a fun ride so far and we just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported the brand online and offline, we have lots of new ideas for different fragrances and we are just about to launch our new bath bomb range which the kids have had so much fun testing out over the last few months. We have also been working on shampoo bars to try and reduce our waste further so watch this space.
We really try and source all our supplies responsibly and try to either use recycled materials, where possible or materials that can be recycled. We try and reuse all our packaging that materials are supplied in and all are suppliers are UK based.
Have fun, share and enjoy our products as that is why we do what we do....
Thank you
Sarah, Dave, Rebecca, Summer & Daisy